Meet Me! Owner of Small Town Rootz

Hi there! Welcome to small town rootz boutique! My name is Michaela and I am the owner and 1 women show of small town rootz! I’ve always had the passion to start a online boutique and decided that I should just take the leap and open up a online store to share my passion of cute graphic tees! My style of fashion people tell me “I wish I could where that”..” that’s so cute where did you get that shirt?!” .. “I love your look” I want to prove you can where cute western wear too!

My family and I live in a small town just north of Spokane Washington! Small town rootz is a western boho inspired boutique that offers the cutest graphic tees! 

I appreciate each and every purchase and put my best effort to ensure all of you have a pleasant shopping experience! Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on sales, promotions, and future events! Happy shopping y’all!